You can count on me to not only meet but also exceed all your translation needs and requests. Learn more about the services I provide below and let me know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

  • English to Spanish (U.S. Spanish and Castilian Spanish) translations

  • Legal proofreading for previously translated Spanish documents

  • All translations personally prepared by me

  • Optional LQA performed by a legal translation expert

  • All documents are sent via encrypted email to ensure strict confidentiality

  • Preparation of Spanish versions of:

    • Contracts

    • Depositions

    • Legal disclaimers

    • Confidentiality agreements

    • Affidavits

    • Regulations and laws

    • Government and legal ruling reports

    • Correspondences

    • Legal opinions

    • Statutes, etc.

  • Translation of law firms websites​ from English to Spanish