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CVW Translations

Legal Translation by a Legal Expert

Hello! My name is Catalina von Wichmann, pleased to have you on my site. 

I grew up trilingual, speaking English, German and Spanish, where intercultural communication was a party of my every-day life.

I also come from a family of jurists, so legal translations always piqued my interest. 

I've been combining both passions for years to provide high-quality translations that enable effective communication.

My motto:

"Legal translation isn't about translating between languages, it's about translating between legal systems."

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  • Law Degree from European University of Madrid
  • Experience in Data Protection Law Firm
  • Cum Laude distinction in final dissertation
  • Translation & Interpretation Degree from University of Salamanca
  • 8+ years of experience in the translation industry
  • 2+ million words translated to-date
  • Worked as Project Manager for Translation Agencies & Companies
  • If I can't meet your needs, I'll help you find someone who can​
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